Monday, July 23, 2007

Sensation and Sexual Arousal in Circumcised and Uncircumcised Men.

Payne K, Thaler L, Kukkonen T, Carrier S, Binik Y.

Riverside Professional Center, Ottawa, Canada;

Introduction. Research, theory, and popular belief all suggest that
penile sensation is greater in the uncircumcised as compared with the
circumcised man. However, research involving direct measurement of
penile sensation has been undertaken only in sexually functional and
dysfunctional groups, and as a correlate of sexual behavior. There are
no reports of penile sensation in sexually aroused subjects, and it is
not known how arousal affects sensation. In principle, this should be
more closely related to actual sexual function.

Aim. This study therefore compared genital and nongenital sensation as
a function of sexual arousal in circumcised and uncircumcised men.

Methods. Twenty uncircumcised men and an equal number of age-matched
circumcised participants underwent genital and nongenital sensory
testing at baseline and in response to erotic and control stimulus
films. Touch and pain thresholds were assessed on the penile shaft,
the glans penis, and the volar surface of the forearm. Sexual arousal
was assessed via thermal imaging of the penis.

Results. In response to the erotic stimulus, both groups evidenced a
significant increase in penile temperature, which correlated highly
with subjective reports of sexual arousal. Uncircumcised men had
significantly lower penile temperature than circumcised men, and
evidenced a larger increase in penile temperature with sexual arousal.
No differences in genital sensitivity were found between the
uncircumcised and circumcised groups. Uncircumcised men were less
sensitive to touch on the forearm than circumcised men. A decrease in
overall touch sensitivity was observed in both groups with exposure to
the erotic film as compared with either baseline or control stimulus
film conditions. No significant effect was found for pain sensitivity.

Conclusion. These results do not support the hypothesized penile
sensory differences associated with circumcision. However, group
differences in penile temperature and sexual response were found.

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