Saturday, August 18, 2007

The World Health Organization recommeds male circumcision...

Recently the World health Organization and the United Nations body UNAIDS issued a joint statement containing their conclusions and recommendations with regard to the protective effect from male circumcision against HIV infection in female to male transmissions of 60%

New Data on Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention: Policy and Programme Implications


1: The research evidence is compelling. The research evidence that male circumcision is efficacious in reducing sexual transmission of HIV from women to men is compelling. The partial protective effect of male circumcision is remarkably consistent across the observational studies (ecological, cross-sectional and cohort) and the three randomized controlled trials conducted in diverse settings.The three randomised controlled trials showed that male circumcision performed by well-trained medical professionals was safe and reduced the risk of acquiring HIV infection by approximately 60%.The efficacy of male circumcision in reducing female to male transmission of HIV has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. This is an important landmark in the history of HIV prevention."

"Recommendations :
1.1 Male circumcision should now be recognized as an efficacious intervention for HIV prevention.
1.2 Promoting male circumcision should be recognized as an additional, important strategy for the prevention of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men."

Of course this will not silence the shrill and constant whine of the rabid anti-circumcision fringe and one can expect them in their desperation to crank up the decibels while science continues to marginalize them and their dubious cause.